Activities and services Kubik Capital


Kubik Capital, S.L.’s main activity is financial consulting in the field of small and medium businesses and it focuses on the crucial moments in the life of a company.

Our operations can be classified into:

1.- Corporate Finance:

M & A: Purchase and sale of companies and/or company assets: we manage both purchases and sales and our assistance extends from the start to the closing of the operation, including the key stages of valuing the targeted companies, singling

out of purchasers and sellers, negotiation and issuing and accepting recommended or binding offers or letters of intent, and support in the due diligence stages and at the closing stages.

M.B.O., M.B.I. and BIMBO: Support and financial advise given to management teams in the process of buying a company, including its valuing, searching for financing sources and financing partners, negotiation of stakes, partnerships and the operation closure.. 

2.- Financial consulting

Drawing business plans and feasibility studies for companies and giving support during their financial execution (asset and liability restructuring, search of financing sources, etc…) in situations, such as the company’s establishment, development, and expansion; institutional, economic or financial crisis, or the company’s sale.

3.- Tax and financial planning of special operations, business valuation and supervising the business and company law approaches taken:

– Company’s Mergers and demergers.

– Removal of partners.

– Purchase and sale of companies and/or business assets

– Succession procedures.

– Business restructuring.

– Insolvency