Added Value

Added value

As our mission is to take part in creating value for the shareholder, all the operations are planned to fulfil that purpose. In order to be proactive, we work closely with shareholders and owners when creating, expanding, buying, selling or winding up businesses.

Our motto is to identify closely with the wishes of shareholders and owners and to carry out our activity from that perspective by applying our most stringent criteria and commitments to confidentiality, loyalty and prevention.

Our activity’s value chain is as follows: 

– Business plan / feasibility study

– Company and/or project valuation.

– Drawing up a financial plan.

– Looking for suitable financing sources and industrial and financial partners. 

– Support in financial, tax, accounting and legal matters in close collaboration with the founding lawyers’ offices. 

– Drawing up of contracts and solving any legal matter.

– Each client is free to decide the extent of our assistance.